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Phase IV construction will be bid in May, 2018.  We NEED to have right-of-way agreements returned to the office - As Soon As Possible.  We must have all land secured prior to closing the loan and grant with PennVEST.  For your convenience, we have a notary in the office and are available evenings or weekends and will come to you.

Sewer Questions E-mail at


Suggested order for your sewer connection:

1. Sewer construction contractor completes work.

2. Sewer system is then turned over to the Township. 

3. Township then sends out Tap-In packets. 

4. Residents pay $4,750 for your tap-in fee at the Township office. 

5. Residents contacts a plumber (of your choice).

6. Residents call to schedule inspection (please give 24-48 hours notice).

7. Township inspects. 

8. Monthly fee will start. 

The Township does NOT have a list of plumbers. 

Lawn Care 2018
Lawn Care Tips for Greene Twp Project (1[...]
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Grinder Pump Customer Information
Grinder Pump Customers.pdf
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Grinder Pump Reference Guide
grinder pump 2.pdf
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The tap in fee is $4,750 for each hook-up, regardless of frontage.

The monthly fee is $96.00 per month


  Some interesting facts are included in the following attachments.  Our Engineer attends the Supervisors meetings on the second Tuesday each month at 7:00 PM and may be able to answer specific questions about construction, location of lines, grinder pump facts, etc.

Process for Tapping In
Tapping process.pdf
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Connection Specifications February 2018
Packet of information
connection specifications.pdf
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Application to Connect to Sanitary Sewer System
connection app_.pdf
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Sewer System FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions concerning the Greene Township Sanitary Sewer System Project
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Proposed Sewer System Phase Map
This colored map show the different Phases that will be used to install the sewer system to the project area.
Sewer Construction Phase Map.pdf
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Mandatory Connection Ordinance
Connection Ordinance.pdf
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Fixing and Charging Fees
charging fees.pdf
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E-One Grinder Pump information
Not all users of the sewer system will be required to have grinder pumps. For those that do-the attached installation sheet is being provided for your information. If you have questions, please contact the office at 814-825-3347
E-One Grinder Pump typical installation.[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [48.1 KB]
PennVEST Homeowner Septic Program
Greene Township is making this information available to our residents. We do not endorse this program, this is an individual homeowners choice. Currently there are three approved lenders in our area - Erie Federal Credit Union, Liberty Mortgage and Widget Financial.
PennVEST Homeowner Septic Program.pdf
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PENNVEST Homeowner Septic Program
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Hiring a Contractor Tips
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