New Residents

 Are you thinking about moving into Greene Township?

Researching what utilities, services are in the area? 

Here are some of the utilities and or services either in the township or nearby; this is a short list to start more to come. 

Your suggestions are always welcome, please fill out our contact us form with your comments, suggestions. Thank you! 



office: 1-866-227-4716

St. Boniface Food Pantry, located at the Greene Township Building 9333 Tate Road, RM 115. 

***This office is not attended daily, please leave a message 814-825-1041, the phone is answered as frequently as possible.

Any resident of the Wattsburg Area School District are welcome to apply with the exception of Venango Township residents.

Office (814) 217-1411



Points to remember:

  • ​Greene Township has adopted mailbox placement as shown below.
  • All addresses are issued by Greene Township
  • Greene Township will Only replace or repair mailboxes that have been properly setup and maintained. (Not one hit by snow thrown from plows.)

Regulations for the erection of mail receptacles:

  • Minimum of 42 inches from the ground to the bottom of the mailbox.
  • maximum of 48 inches from the ground to the bottom of the mailbox.
  • Recommended height is 48 inches from the ground to the bottom of the mailbox.
  • To eliminate the possibility of vehicles and snowplows hitting the mailbox, it is recommended that the method as shown above be used.
  • The front edge of the mailbox should be about one foot from the edge of the pavement.


It is the customer’s responsibility to maintain the box, standards and approaches to the box, including snow removal to enable the carrier to service the box without leaving his/her vehicle. Care should be taken to insure the box is not blocked at delivery time and snow is not piled in front of the box.  


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