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The Greene Township Zoning Ordinance specifically addresses the collection of scrap materials & discarded articles. Junk is defied as any worn, cast off or discarded articles/material which is ready for destruction of which has been collected or stored for sale, resale, salvage or conversion to some other use. This has become a problem throughout the Township and the Zoning Administrator will be addressing those areas that must be cleaned up.

          The purpose of the Ordinance, which is to promote & protect the health, safety, and general welfare of the community, the following should be kept in mind: No more than 100 sq. ft. of area shall be used for the storage. Keeping of junk as described by the Ordinance, that is the equivalent of 2 cars/trucks, more than that would be a violation of the Township Ordinance. Any accumulation of scrap would be considered a hazard i.e. sharp metal, broken or missing glass, hazardous fluids is also a violation of the Ordinance.

          The section of the Ordinance that addresses General Storage states: No lot or premise shall be used as a storage area for junk cars, old appliances or collection of any other miscellaneous items unless permitted under the I-1 Industrial Parks District. No lot or premise shall be used as a garbage dump or a dead animal rendering plant, nor manure, rubbish, or miscellaneous refuse be stored in the open in any District where they may be construed as a menace to the public health or safety.

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